Friday, January 30, 2009

Squeaky Clean

There she is, looking not so happy while being toweled off after a bath.

Marge went to Hollywood today for some upkeep. She hates all the wetness, but she dealt with it. It took a dinner's worth of kibble to get her through it. But now she smells absolutely divine.

She almost seems to like the dryer. It's almost like she's hesitant to acknowledge that it actually does feel good, shaking like a leaf. But by the end of the session, she's sitting there perfectly relaxed.

She made a couple of friends there, two of the employees that fed her treats. She got to come home with this spiffy bandana, too, which I must say looks adorable on her. I was squealing over it for a good ten minutes.

It's a great little shop; I'm not really into the whole doggy fashion and boutiquey kind of stuff, but I can appreciate the occasional cute sweater, funky bandana, or witty tshirt. The people who work there are super nice and go out of their way to help you out. Besides, anyone willing to give my scaredy-dog a treat is A-OK in my book.

We stopped at Grandma's after grooming, sort of as a reward to Marge for putting up with the bath. She LOVES it there. Practically pulled me up the steps to get to Grandma that much sooner.

It was a fun night.

..oh, other than the little possession issue we have going on. Let's just say Marge is very fond of her Premier Waggle treat dispenser. She won't bite, but she'll mouth in your direction as if to say, "Buzz the hell off, this is MINE."

It doesn't make for a good combination when this is coupled with rotting baked ziti on the side of the road. (What a day that was. I have since enfored the leave-it command much more strongly.) UGH. Thankfully she isn't that bad and she's even more mild about it with food, which is weird, but still.. she'll gulp down just about anything if it's edible and she thinks you're going to take it. It's not food aggression.. it's more like food anxiety. Seems like it's worst with chewies and treat dispensers. She's okay with toys, inhales food but doesn't get nasty, but she doesn't want ya anywhere near the bully sticks and such.

Not that bad, could be worse, but still worth working on. Guess that means I need to start playing the trade game with her again.

Just one more day 'til Beginner 1 graduation. Ohhhh I'm so excited!


Pedro January 31, 2009 at 11:45 AM  

Sam & Marge,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Welcome to blogging! You're off to a great start. Have you joined Dogs With Blogs yet? You'll meet so many nice dawgs and humans there. I love your story traveling up North from Georgia. My human sister is in college right now too. Come back and see me again. I'll definitely be back to see you!


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