Sunday, February 1, 2009

Big Day

T-minus 4 hours until Obedience class and Marge has already had quite a lot to do today.

This morning she accompanied us on the paper routes and got to see her buddy Lourde, a GSD who lives up the street. She nearly rolled completely over onto her back for him. There's something about certain dogs that just gets Marge going.. she loves that old dude. I wish I had a picture.

We then hit up the parks. Dog park first -- which was a sheet of ice -- and some other fellow crazy dog owners were there too. Marge showed the place around to a little first-timer Beagle pup, and got to play with her usual friends, a German Shorthaired Pointer mix and a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. The dogs dealt better with the ice than we did, but it was slowly turning into a pool of slush and dirt and grime - the kind of environment you DON'T want a freshly bathed dog to be in. So we didn't stay too long.

It was then time for Clove Lakes Park, where we met up with the GSP again. I guess they had the same idea we had - why go home with such nice weather? We did some hiking, some spectating of ducks, and Marge did her usual routine of casually trying to trot up next to joggers. In Marge's book, I don't think joggers count as people. Because she loves them!

We hung out there for a while, just snapping pics and walking around. Went home, gave Marge a manicure with the battery-eating Dremel. Now she's relaxing on the purple bathmat she claimed as her own upon arrival to this house.

Obedience really soon. Screw the Super Bowl; we'll be kicking butt tonight.


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