Sunday, March 15, 2009

Creeping Closer

Only three weeks left of Beginner 2. Man, I feel like we flew through it!

Marge did well tonight.

We started with some attention exercises by moving our upper body forward, backward and to each side to see how the dogs responded. Marge didn't budge when I turned my body towards her as if I was going to make a right turn. She just stood there and watched me, probably wondering what the heck I was doing. She did start moving forward when I leaned forward, though.

We also did some stand for exam stuff.. Marge was brushed and had her ears checked. She stood fine, seemed a little shy but didn't move around. I really want to try this with other people.

We started practicing footwalk for halting. It's so hard. Marge knows how to turn, now I need to know how also!

We also practiced walking through a crowd. Marge was fine. I think all the sessions in the park, Petsmart (we went today, actually) and outside the high school have really helped.

What else, what else.. OH! THE TABLE! We tried out the agility table. Marge was afraid of it at first and then hopped right on! She looked SO interested in it and wanted to keep trying. Agility registration is going to open soon, looks like we'll be signing up..

I'm going to be watching the evaluator give the CGC test to other dogs on Thursday night. It should be good. I've been asking all over about the CGC, but to actually see what passes and what doesn't will be informative.

And that's about it for Obedience. Our trip to Petsmart this afternoon was fun. We got to meet retired racing greyhounds and made friends with lots of people. Marge was very fond of one little boy who I let give her a treat. It was cute to see.


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