Sunday, March 29, 2009

Down to the Wire

Tonight was week 7. Great night!

We practiced a lot of the CGC tests, and there was a definite focus on tests 1-3. Marge did fantastically; she squirmed a little with for the stand for exam, but was definitely.. passable.. if that's a word. I tried to rely less on the treats -though I did break out the roast beef - and used praise, praise, praise.

A very fun class, made up for week 6 which I found painfully boring. We did a 2-minute out of sight separation. Marge was fine until the end, until she started pulling her way toward the OTHER handler because she had treats in her hand. At least I know the separation part will be okay.

At the end, she had her buddy Fred's "grandpa" come up and pet her. That really was awesome.. it helped me affirm that she's made progress not only with Susan, but with other people as well.

(Which reminds me, she went to the vet to check out some funky hair loss she's been having on her ears. She wasn't even that scared at the vet! She walked right in! I didn't have to drag her! Yippe!! And she went up to the vet tech's face and started sniffing her.. heh heh. The vet shook my hand and told me I did a great job with her. That felt good.)

Next week should be interesting. We're running through the 10 sections of the CGC test. I'm going to try to use as few treats as possible in preparation for the big day. The Sunday after that will feel so weird.. I'm going to miss not going, even though it'll be Easter.


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