Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Everything Park

So we tried out Wolfe's Pond Park yesterday.  I was impressed!  It's a really diverse place.  One end of the park is woods, another is a beach, another is open fields and the far side borders on a lake (pond?).  Marge had a great time.

Here's Marge with one of the many friends she's made lately.  She's never seen a dog like this before, and quite frankly found it immensely interesting.

Marge's social skills are really starting to blossom.  She met her dog park friend, Rowan, on the beach, and allowed his (male) owner to pet her.  She also met a couple of other people, both men and women, and allowed to be pet.  It's really one of the best feelings in the world to see that.  Sometimes she even gives a tail wag.

She's also been socializing more with people in the neighborhood, including my neighbors and their children (some of which she doesn't see very often).  She briefly got to see her dog-friend Stewie today too.

Marge has been a busy girl - as have I, and I haven't been good about updating this blog.  We've been walking in the afternoon to simulate a crowd situation when the high school kids come trickling down the Lane.  We went up to the shopping plaza, too, but she's still iffy about it.

'Bedience tonight.  I know we're going to be working more on the petting and separation, so I'm hoping tonight really goes well.  This week has been great so far.  I've slacked a bit on the formal training sessions and I've really tried to create as many social situations as I can.


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