Monday, February 16, 2009

Early Morning Outing

7 AM. Wake up, get dressed groggily, head downstairs to feed both Marge and myself.
7:30 AM. Head out the door and into the car.
8 AM. Make my way to the dog park mentioned to me by the owner of the Flattie at Clove Lakes.

It was pretty good. Wasn't sure about it at first, as Marge was the newcomer and was being swarmed by other dogs. But she made her way through it.

The place was huge. Big enough so that Marge could avoid the group of large wrestling dogs and instead fraternized as she pleased. She wasn't all that social today, but I think it had more to do with being slightly afraid of the new environment and also because at least three different people gave her treats. So she focused on them instead.

But her recall was good and she got some playtime in with a couple of dogs.

Marge really just stood around and sniffed the whole time (while evading other curious dogs looking to sniff her tush) but then got fired up five minutes before we left and ran zoomies with the Poodle below.

I think we'll be going back. I'm less and less inclined to go to the regular dog parks. There are too many horror stories and too many out of control dogs. I do miss the regulars, so once the ground thaws and there's no more mud, I'm sure I'll be heading back. But for now, going at 8:00 AM helps to weed out those who have no idea what they're doing. At least a little bit.


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