Sunday, February 8, 2009


The people at Obedience, Petsmart, the park, the beach, etc, aren't REALLY people, to Marge anyway. They do not count; they are not scary. We went back to pick up a new bag of treats, and Petsmart was PACKED. I didn't see Marge's tail go between her legs even once. She has very much picked up on the idea that targeting people means food, which is good, at least from a socialization point of view. One lady gently scratched her neck and she didn't bug out, either.

And the park was swamped, too, in more ways than one. I'm happy we didn't go to the dog park, because I would have come home with a chocolate lab instead of a black one. It was muddy. And, there were lots of half-people too. Joggers, mothers with strollers, the ONLY thing that really got to Marge just a little bit was a whole gang of little kids passing so she was squeezed and felt like they were going to run into her. But, nothing too dramatic. She made quick-friends with a couple of doggies and then practiced passing some dogs/people while at heel. She did great!

Later on I just took some candids of her. She keeps me laughing.


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