Friday, February 6, 2009

Snow Days and Smart Shopping

It's been cold and snowy here. Walks haven't been as long as they should have. Finally, this weekend, it's supposed to clear up, so I'm hoping we can fit in a trip to the park on Sunday. Burn out some of Marge's energy.

We took a trip to Petsmart, just to give Marge something to do and some new people and dogs to meet. Oh, and of course, to add to the ever-growing collection of toys.

There weren't too many people there, but surely more than I'd find walking around the block in 25 degree weather. We picked up a squeaky ball, a squeaky frog, more of Marge's Nature's Variety treats and also another kind of treat that I'm thinking might wind up in the garbage. Silly me, I didn't read the label close enough and let's just say there's something I'm less than impressed with.

Oh well. It wasn't a wasted trip. She likes her new ball, and I've decided to wait a bit before I allow the destroying of the newly bought frog.


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