Monday, June 1, 2009

It's the Dog's Life

Today's highlights...

  • Quite a few training sessions. Did some contact zone work for the first time in a long time and I'm impressed at how well Marge has retained her knowledge of what to do. Did some jumping, too, and she was pretty good. She needs to learn to watch my arm position.. sometimes she takes a jump that she isn't supposed to. It's fixed with a simple "here" command, but I'd like to get it perfect without any voice too. On the Rally front (hah, play on words), Marge's fronts have gotten exponentially better and she seems to enjoy doing it. We also worked on fast pace walking from a halt.
  • Some visitors. No one all that shocking.. my grandmother came by. It was just before Marge's feeding time, so she was excited. My grandma came through the door with big sunglasses on and Marge gave a couple of woofs. Don't think it was an unfriendly thing; she's done it to Louie, too, also at feeding time. Marge was normal otherwise, jumping up on my grandma, gently playing with her, et cetera. My sister's tutor came today, but I opted not to work on front door greetings and instead had Marge come inside once the woman was seated at the table. Marge went over and gave her a friendly poke with her nose.

  • Boardwalk walk. We've been going to the beach more often, but have stayed off the asphalt path where the majority of people are. Today we took the plunge for the first time in a long time and walked Marge there. She was fine. She perks up a little around other dogs, but I suspect it's more friendly than anything. Usually easy to get her attention back, but not always. We did absolutely zero leash-greets and I purposely kept Marge away from those looking to come up to her. She ended the day with a (leashed) run on the beach.

  • Chow time.. again? I could smack myself for this one. I was cleaning Marge's teeth and I had a 5-lb bag of kibble out, treating her for laying calmly and allowing me to work. Well, I went to go take a shower, and... forgot to put the bag away. Thankfully my sister went into the room to see what the heck Marge was doing and caught her in the act of devouring kibble. It doesn't sound like she consumed a ridiculous amount, but I'm so angry that I allowed it to happen. Going to be up another 2-ish hours, probably, checking on her.
  • And that's about it. Weather looks good for tomorrow so we should be set for Agility. Can't wait.. my sister should be tagging along, too, so hopefully I'll come back with some pictures.


    Anonymous June 2, 2009 at 7:05 AM  

    Wow. Way to go! It sounds like you're doing great with Marge...

    Donatello... Not so well. He didn't take to the training and relaxation techniques in the house. First it started out with a bad-attitude... "I don't want to, and you're not going to make me." Well after all I've done for this dog, I don't take that attitude sitting down! So, I forced him into working with me which not only threw him into a dither, but he started throwing a temper-tantrum! I would make him "sit", and he would half-sit or even try to "sit handsome. So I would reach out to show him what I wanted him to do and he'd start screaming and yelping and trying to hide under my bed. Sometimes it feels like I'm not going to get anywhere with him!

    So I gave up, tried again later... Same thing happened, but worse if you can believe that.

    So I've decided that if I'm going to train him at all, it has to be outside or at the park... Did you ever have anything like this with Marge?

    Simba June 2, 2009 at 7:00 PM  

    thanks for posting..great blog!

    Sue June 3, 2009 at 11:29 AM  

    Samba opened the pantry door one day and ate so much dog food that she got sick. Silly dogs.

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