Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Confessions of a Dog Owner

This is what we did all day today: lounged around. Couch, to the kitchen, to the couch again. Wherever I was, Marge followed me and slept. Agility was cancelled, unfortunately. It would have been nice to train at the field today, because it's extremely cool here and Marge would have enjoyed it (even if it meant getting sprinkled with rain).

I was a bad dog owner. I had all the time in the world today to devote to exercising and training my dog, and didn't do much of it. Instead, we both, well.. did nothing.

We did squeeze a short walk around the neighborhood into our lazy schedule, the first "street walking" endeavor in what feels like forever. It was a good day for it, because it seems the 50ish degree weather scared everyone back into their houses. We walked in peace. Marge passed a few people on the street - men - like a pro, and even someone's abandoned, downed umbrella.. which she didn't care very much about, thanks to chicken bones on the ground that I did not see. Ugh.. so I had to reach in and get out whatever I could. ("Drop it" is not Marge's forte, especially with foodstuffs. My fault.)

We had some short training sessions. I am trying to teach Marge the "front" position; she will come when called and sit in front from straightaway, but looks confused when I side step. She gets quickly discouraged and bored with it; that seems to be her new attitude towards anything other than Agility lately. We did have some progress with it today as I tried to lace Rally work in between the apparently more-fun Agility work.

One new thing Marge and I have mastered is the Schutzhund about-turn. I confess that I like calling it the Schutzhund about-turn - the "old timers'" name for it - because it makes me feel like I've taught her something advanced. In reality, we will never do Schutzhund (nor would I want to, though I do admire it) and all it is is a moving right finish. But I'll keep dreaming.

Oh, we also had another front door success. My sister's math tutor came over yesterday for a session. I held Marge's leash, let her nibble on Wellness Beef Jerky, and the woman entered without a problem. Marge gave a few big, swooping tail wags too. She likes this girl. The visitor list has now expanded. +1!


NCmountainwoman May 26, 2009 at 9:04 PM  

Hey, we all need a day like that now and then. It took Lucy FOREVER to learn "drop it." She thought it meant, "Uh, oh. They're going to open my mouth and ram their fingers in there again."

Keep working on the front position. Don't let Marge decide what she wants to do or what bores her. She's got to learn to do what you want her to do boring or not.

Sue May 26, 2009 at 10:30 PM  

It's nice to share a lazy day now and then. I think the dogs like them as much as I do.

Sounds like you're making progress.

StellaStar May 26, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

Lazy days are good things :) You have been working hard and definitely deserve a break now and again. The Schutzhund about-turn sounds complicated.

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