Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Did You Say We're Going to See Buddy?"

Buddy the Spaniel Mix (not to be confused with any Buddys mentioned previously) is officially Marge's new best friend. Having served his street for the past three-ish years as their loyal Staten Island Advance carrier, I have known him a long time. He is an awesome little bugger. When he sees you coming, he wags his tail, and then when you get him real excited he comes flying up to the gate to be petted as if he hasn't seen you in 1,000 years. Yet, he's not boisterous, out-of-control or disobedient. He is a well-behaved dog, a social dog, and that's what I'm so happy Marge has gotten to know him.

I wish I had pictures. Since I don't live too far from him, I sometimes walk up past Buddy's house. On occasion, we have entered the yard and they knock themselves out running and pawing and play bowing to each other. With the uncertainties currently surrounding Marge's "fear-status," he is the only dog I will allow her to play with right now. (And, quite frankly, he is one of the only dogs who she even has an OPPORTUNITY to play with.) We've been staying away from stressful leash-greets and new encounters with strange dogs.

We've been in the yard three or four times before, with countless sniff-visits in between. We went back today and Marge was just in her glory. Buddy is the proud owner of a large and spacious yard, so the two of them really get a kick out of running around it together. They run laps around the flowering bush, with Buddy as close to the middle, his little legs unable to catch up to Marge.

Next time I'll try to bring my camera, as their encounters can only be fully appreciated when actually seen.

Other than that, we did some streetwalks, which went well. Didn't really encounter anyone. We did some training, which also went well. Marge is doing a little better with the Rally stuff, and I think going back and forth between "Front" and "Go Jump" is really helping her focus.

We had a Marge photo-shoot (treat torture session) in my yard (see above) after a nice run-in with the Curry Comb. Have I mentioned how much she is shedding right now.. and how much that thing helps? Best $8 I've ever spent!


Sue May 28, 2009 at 12:53 PM  

I'd love to see pictures of them playing together. Don't forget your bandana shot while you're snapping photos.

Anonymous May 28, 2009 at 5:34 PM  

Wow, that is great! I would love to see some pictures too- Like you've said, as their encounters can only be fully appreciated when actually seen. That's so true, the next time Donatello gets along well with another dog, long enough to play, I'm going to get up the nerve to ask if I can take pictures.

Life With Dogs May 29, 2009 at 1:11 AM  

Curry combs are a great discovery, she looks great! Glad to hear she had a fun visit!

Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart May 29, 2009 at 5:24 PM  

As you know Lilly has one really good dog friend with amazing dog-dog skills, during our major behavior modification work, this dod is the ONLY one Lilly is allowed to play with (other than Ginko our other dog).

It's so good for fearful dogs to have at least one pal they trust and like.

Sorry I've been absent. My workload is crushing me.

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