Monday, May 11, 2009

A Strange Occurrence.

So I was outside just now, getting ready to take Marge for a walk. I stopped to talk to my neighbors. One of them just moved onto the block and has a Yorkshire/Rottweiler (yes, I know) mix that Marge really likes.

A Cane Corso walks by - a dog that Marge has known since he was a pup. She's timid around him because of his size, but doesn't really have any problems with him.

The Corso goes up to the fence where the Tre is. Marge went ballistic. Barking and hackles up like I've never seen her do before to another dog.

After a few seconds the poor Corso walked away, totally freaked out by Marge and the other dog barking at him, and I continued on my walk.

We crossed paths again on another block and Marge was alright. No reaction, really.

I kept walking a bit and took her into the field, where a man was walking his small, adorable Dobe/GSD mix. She went right up to him and liked him. Very loose body language, looked like she wanted to play.

So I think that Marge has some kind of thing either relating to big dogs or Tre's fence.. or maybe both. The only other time she showed any reactivity on a leash (and it was more like just one bellowing bark from my front stoop) was to Lord, the huge GSD.

Hmm. I hope this doesn't happen again. (Any of my blogging behavior experts care to weigh in?)


Yesterday with the company went alright - she gave a growl to one of my aunts who left the house and re-entered, but thankfully it was my most-dog-friendly aunt of the three that were here. I gave Marge TONS of breaks outside... walking, frozen yogurt stuffies, and all that kind of stuff. But, honestly, she seemed like she wanted to be with the people. Yet, I didn't want to grant her wish completely - you never know if someone will push her too far. So, she had her time inside (where she laid down in a room full of 11 people) and her time outside too.

Tomorrow, at long as there isn't some freakish weather, I will be back with Agility pictures. (And as long as my designated camera girl, my sister, can come with me.)


StellaStar May 12, 2009 at 11:28 AM  

Alas, I am not a dog-behavior person...I just wanted to stop by and say I absolutely love the picture of Marge with the froggy on her head! Mad props to you for rescuing Marge, and she's really lucky to have you. Best of luck with figuring out her triggers and working with her. I'll be stopping by often :)

NCmountainwoman May 14, 2009 at 10:59 AM  

Don't have an explanation for the behavior, but it will be interesting to see if it happens again and under what circumstances.

Sounds like Marge did a great job with the house full of company. Yeah!

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