Sunday, May 10, 2009

Social Testing

Today, being Mother's Day, is bringing a rather large crowd to my house. I originally thought it was going to only be a couple of people - both grandmothers and two aunts. No problem.

That list, over the past couple of days, has extended to two grandmothers, three aunts, two cousins and possibly some significant others.

This is going to be the most people Marge has ever seen in this house. Last time I had a crowd of friends over - summer '08 - it was when we had first gotten Marge. She was overwhelmed as soon as the FIRST person entered the house, and we kept her downstairs with my sister for the remainder of the day. So, she never saw the half-dozen other people that came.

Fortunately, we've had some good visitor experiences lately. My friend stopped in to my house with me the other day. I walked through the door with her, and Marge was excited to see me, so it didn't matter. It doesn't hurt that Marge has already met this person, too.

Yesterday we discovered there are termite problems in our area (oh, the fun of living in the city), so my parents have decided to pay for preventative treatment to the perimeter of our house. A woman from the exterminating company came in. Not wanting to chance a door confrontation with a person Marge has never seen before, I took her outside and threw treats to her as the woman approached the house (Marge NEVER reacts in this situation, but I figured it would be super awesome to have her distracted completely). Went fine, and I let her offleash into the house. Wasn't really bothered by the woman's presence.

I'm banking on a couple of things to help today go right:

  • Yogurt. My sister and I had a yogurt party yesterday, stuffing a kong, twist-n-treat, and hollow cow shin bone all with yogurt. That's all currently in my freezer now, much to my mom's disliking. We have a bully stick for backup, if we need it.
  • Outside. Marge is going to stay outside for a lot of the day, if that's what she wants. Additionally, we're going to try to have some of the guests eat their meal outside (I will be one of them) such that the house isn't super cramped.

This should go alright, as long as I'm diligent and no one acts stupidly. Wish me luck.

Happy Mother's Day to all out there. Enjoy your special day!


Sue May 10, 2009 at 12:31 PM  

It sounds like you have some yummy distractions for Marge. I hope it all goes smoothly and she sees that a crowd can be OK.

NCmountainwoman May 10, 2009 at 2:10 PM  

Good luck with your party. We have found that any problems we have with the dogs are the fault of the visitors. Keeping them in line is far harder than keeping the dogs in line. Hope it all goes well.

Sue May 10, 2009 at 2:24 PM  

Marge, on June 10 we want to post pics of our dog friends on our blog. We're all going to wear blue bandannas. Will you join us? Just have your mom take a pic of you wearing a blue bandanna and send it to us.
Your Portie friends

Rufus and Indie May 10, 2009 at 2:50 PM  

Termite problems? That's terrible. Here we have ant problems!:(
Doggies always love visitors, Marge will not let you down, I'm sure!
Rufus and Indie

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